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For me, Mr. Dani Ronnie M. is a Rider, a friendly man, and a Great teacher, too! He loves adventure. After reading his first book “Don’t be a Teacher unless You Have Love to Share” I thought that I feel like I preferred going back to school to teach my beloved students to having a long vacation. I’m really inspired by what he wrote in his book. Voilà, C’est supér!  And directly, I sent him a short message and told him what I was thinking. I decide that I will always be waiting for his next books. I must have his other works. And now I have got all of his books! I find that in his books, he always expresses his feelings, ideas, suggestions, motivations, etc. in the ‘simple words’ so that I can absorb them easily.

Jangan lupa kalau buku selanjutnya terbit, kabari saya ya, Bang Ronnie? Apolagi kalau ‘ngenjuk’ gratis tu kato wong kito galo, lebih ‘kraso lagi iwaknyo’ heheheee,,, (naaaaaa ujung2nyo dak lemak ni hihiiii…) Just kidding! Don’t take it personal! TQ and C U! Wassalaam.

July 23, 2007 10:23 AM




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